Are You Planning a Caravan Camping Trip? Note Some Safety Tips

Caravan camping is fun, and if you want it to remain that way, you need to adhere to some safety concerns. You need to be aware that towing adds more risk to your travel. Likewise, activities carried out during camping can be risky. Here are three areas you need to pay attention.

Safety When Driving and Towing

If you have not already purchased or rented a caravan, you need to be aware of specific regulations that you must follow to make sure your car is compatible with the caravan. There are various weight limits you must abide by legally and for safety reasons. Also, you may require to have towing lessons. The caravan company will give you information on all this.

Prior to your trip, carry out an inspection, and if you do not trust yourself, visit your mechanic to perform the inspection on both your car and caravan. Have your oil, brakes, mirrors and battery checked. Ask the mechanic what checks you will need to carry out during your trip to be safe and also what to do or how to be prepared in case of anything.

When towing, don't be in a rush, and if you must overtake another car, do so when there is an overtaking lane or a compelling reason to do so.

Fire Safety Concerns

Before starting your journey, detach or disconnect all electrical, gas and water connections in the caravan. Is there a portable water heater? Store it safely away from gas or electricity.

Legally, you should have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors installed in your caravan. Make sure these work before leaving. You don't want to find out there is a fire when it is too late and after it has burnt through your things with no way to extinguish the flames.

Make calls to your destination and ask about potential risks and how prepared you should be. Ask about weather conditions as well. When you arrive, familiarise yourself with emergency procedures and your surroundings. You need to have a plan on how you will pack up and leave in the shortest time possible and to what direction if anything were to happen. This can be crucial particularly when you have your family present.

Security During Camping

Always keep your caravan and car locked when not around. Additionally, if there are fridges and cupboards in your caravan, keep them locked. Animals and thieves can make their way into your caravan and help themselves with your items.

Another important thing you need to have is your insurance. Make sure it is updated just in case of anything.