Are You Planning a Caravan Camping Trip? Note Some Safety Tips

Caravan camping is fun, and if you want it to remain that way, you need to adhere to some safety concerns. You need to be aware that towing adds more risk to your travel. Likewise, activities carried out during camping can be risky. Here are three areas you need to pay attention. Safety When Driving and Towing If you have not already purchased or rented a caravan, you need to be aware of specific regulations that you must follow to make sure your car is compatible with the caravan. [Read More]

Making a Deluxe Cabin Getaway Truly Relaxing

Some people like to go camping or stay in basic accommodation to get away from it all and experience a different way of living. For others, though, the idea of sleeping in a tent or a chilly, isolated cabin sounds more like hard work than a break. That doesn't mean you can't have an escape from your normal hectic life without a bit of comfort, though. Opting to stay in deluxe holiday cabins somewhere lets you leave your stresses behind and still enjoy luxurious accommodation. [Read More]

4 Advantages to Camper Trailers Compared to Caravans

If you're thinking about buying a camper, one of the first decisions you need to make is between a camper trailer and a caravan. The former you pull behind your vehicle, while the latter has its own motor and driver seat. There are pros and cons to both, but here is a look at some key advantages of camper trailers in particular. 1. Less Maintenance to Worry About When you buy a caravan, you have to worry about motor maintenance. [Read More]